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fRoots Magazine UK, March 2017

Isle of Wight Press UK, November 2018

Folker Magazine Germany, March 2017

Radio 1 Belgium, March 2017

GvA Belgium, Januari 2018

"There is a new wave of exciting folk talent taking traditional music to breathtaking heights of performance and these three young men are at the very pinnacle"

Paul Armfield - Quay Arts Centre UK

"With an almost psychic ability to anticipate each other, they play as one in a way only close siblings can and have been wowing audiences worldwide for the past few years"

Isle of Wight County Press UK

"Their stage performance is top-notch on all levels – from the humour to the music"

Alex Gallacher - Folk Radio UK

"The Dhoore brothers show that they know their craft, both those of composer and musician!"

Steven Vanderaspoilden - Folk Magazine BE

"Those lucky enough to have caught the Dhoore brothers on the festival circuit raved about their freshness and verve!"

Dave Hadfield - The Living Tradition UK

"Their second album 'Parachute' is a wonderful listening experience with catchy melodies, tight grooves and these little bits here and there that capture the imagination"

Tom Keller - Folk World Magazine DE

"The third album from these three Flemish brothers finds them building impressively on the success of previous offerings Modus Operandi from 2013 and 2015's well-received Parachute, where they seamlessly blended Flemish traditional music with their own tunes."

Kevin Bourke - Songlines Magazine UK

"One of the folk scenes most unassumingly euphoric acoustic sounds"

Steve Hunt - fRoots Magazine UK

"If a band can carry you from intimate touching tunes to strong rhythms and that same band is able to make you slide from an inner peace to rowdy excitement in one set. If on top of that, that very band does all of that with the ultimate mastering and virtuosity but they still maintain a recognisable sound... then you have a real top band"

Bavo Vanden Broeck - Festival Dranouter BE