Trio Dhoore has become a leading Flemish music export and firm festival favourite across Europe and Canada. Their terrific fourth album is often entrancing, always entertaining and seems likely to remain endlessly listenable
  Songlines Magazine
This album strengthens the theory that something special happens when families perform together. An atmospheric and moving collection of instrumentals inspired by the Flemish tradition.
  RnR Magazine
Original and innovative music to discover
  5 Plan├Ętes
August is a finely crafted and polished manifestation of this band's exceptional talent
FolkWorld DE
Trio Dhoore is at its cutting edge and well worth discovering
Irish Music Magazine
A masterpiece that I recommend as an absolute must hear
Moors Magazine
An extraordinary album from a band on its way to the absolute top
The Flemish Dhoore brothers have grown into a central part of the European instrumental movement, influenced but not completely consumed by their native traditions. 'August' makes for a timeless sound palette that is ancient and refreshingly new at the same time. What they deliver is well crafted, beautifully performed music...
The intuitive musicianship between the brothers is quite magical, and the rewards are aplenty for those who afford the time to listen deeply to the beautiful soundscapes they create which in turn breathe new life into traditional Flemish music
Folk Radio UK
Three monstrously musical brothers
Good On Paper MAG UK
There is a certain chemistry that is sometimes achieved when band members can count one another as family. This is excellently demonstrated by Trio Dhoore, a band formed by three Belgian brothers. Hurdy gurdy, accordion and guitar unite to take you on a musical adventure, melding Flemish, Scandinavian and Celtic folk traditions.
Putumayo World Music

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