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"The three Dhoore brothers from Flanders turned a lot of heads with their 2013 debut album Modus Operandi and they are bound to attract more admirers with this even more impressive second release. There is absolutely nothing about this album that is flash or showy. What we hear from every track are fine melodies and we are aware of the technical excellence and rare musicality of all three."

    |   fRoots Magazine

"Their second studio album "Parachute" is a wonderful listening experience with catchy melodies, tight grooves and these little bits here and there that capture the imagination."

    |   Folk World Magazine

"Trio Dhoore brilliantly typifies the young generation of Belgian folk musicians. With powerful tunes, total mastery of their instruments and good taste to spare, these three brothers captivate every audience with a music entirely of their own making. Inspired by traditional music they prove that acoustic music can swing, get emotions aroused and be very modern in its simplicity."

    |   Rudolstadt Folk Roots Weltmusik Festival

"Trio Dhoore is a great representative of the young generation of Flemish folk musicians. They have powerful melodies composed by themselves, perfect skills for handling their instruments and a good taste! They proof that acoustic music can at the same time swing, touch your deepest soul and be modern in its simplicity."

Toon Van Mierlo Naragonia, Hot Griselda

"Some groups seem to come from nowhere and are already forgotten while they are not even out of sight. The guys of Trio Dhoore resolutely opt for the other way. They allow themselves the time to grow in the shade and in the meantime remain constantly scouring the sound and the interplay. In result, as you can hear... Good tunes of there own making, honest unpretentious folk, swinging like a train. Comme il faut, quoi. Make place for yet another generation of talented folkies!"

Maarten Decombel Mandolinman, SnaarMaarWaar